Friday, January 27, 2012

Birth Story

My water broke Thursday, January 19 at 2:15 AM; this is something new for me... my water usually breaks after I've been in labor for a while. I was told by my midwife to come in to the birth birth center when the contractions are five minutes apart. So we waited at home, prayed, walked, did laundry etc.

Twelve hours later my contractions were still very inconsistent, they only came when I was walking and slowed down when I stopped. We decided to head to the birthing center so they can listen to the baby's heartbeat and make sure everything is alright. By 4:00 pm I had dilated only 3 cm with still inconstant contractions

I was looking forward to a natural birth at the Birth Center, not exactly how it all turned out. We tried EVERY natural way to bring on more contractions but nothing seemed to work.

When labor did not progress after 24 hours I was admitted at the hospital from the birth center and they started a Pitocin drip. The Pitocin did increase the contractions but the baby's heart rate dropped during contractions. So they stopped the Pitocin, and pumped fluids back to the womb, and tried Pitocin again. At this point his heart rate was dropping after the contractions.

WIth our midwife's advise we decided to go ahead with the C-Section, before things got more complicated. As much as I wanted another natural childbirth, we just wanted the baby to be safe.
It turned out his neck was bend (his ear was touching his shoulder) and he was stuck that way that's why my labor did not progress.

I really felt all the prayers of family and friends; I didn't "freak out" when C-section was recommend. I felt at peace and stayed calm thru the whole process.

I am praising God for a beautiful little baby boy; also for a wonderful husband who has been taking such good care of us. I feel very blessed for family that came to vista and help out and for the friends who have showered us with meals, gifts and overall being so supportive.

--Mallu Mom

Happy Birthday Inch

They always start out so small!

Eighteen years ago God gave us a HUGE responsibility....a little baby boy to take care of.
As the years have passed that baby boy has grown up into a wonderful, strong, handsome,young man who has a deep love for Christ. Inch, has changed our lives for the better, he has brought us closer to our Lord. Yes, he can be strong willed and stubborn but more often than not he is the cause of great joy and pride! We know God has great plans for you, continue to
stay close to Him and He will guide your path. We love you so very much.

Happy Birthday Inch!

your family

Inch always loved spending time with his grandmothers "Ammuma" and "Nana"

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Question of a Three Year Old

For the past nine months when GMAC asks "when is the baby popping out?" we would tell her after the new year. The new year came and went and no baby. About a week later she said " Mommy I don't think he is coming out; can I just go in your tummy and hold him?"

Sunday, January 15, 2012


We were praying that our bundle of joy would arrive before "U" went back to Minor Seminary, but that was not meant to be. Yes I was a bit demanding of God, we want a baby, a healthy baby, and we want him to be born two weeks early!!
My thirty-eight week check up reviled that the baby's head is down but he is in posterior position and he not engaged in my pelvis. This is due to the fact belly is so far stretched out. I tend to get very impatient at the end of my pregnancies. Inch was born two weeks early and I think that gives me some kind of hope that it will happen with each baby. As I was walking up to receive Holy Communion last Thursday I finally said "Thy will be done."
Crucian Dad had a four day weekend, this hasn't happened in a very long time. We were all so excited... well he caught a pretty bad cold with non stop cough. Not the best time for him to be the labor coach nor to bring a baby home. This has helped me with my impatients to hold our little boy. Now I am praying for Crucian Dad to get better and the rest of us to stay healthy, and for safe delivery. Please keep us in prayer.