Thursday, August 26, 2010


We are all missing U, but last night that feeling felt a whole lot deeper. I miss his smile, his hugs, his caring nature, and his wit; I miss my little boy. It's only been a week and a half since we left him, the thought of having to wait until December to see him again makes the pain feel a little sharper. To give myself some comfort I decided to write a few words about the peace I felt when we dropped him off.

I felt very much at peace as we left him on August 15th, you see its a very special day for us. Two years ago last August 15, on the Feast of the Assumption of Mary U and I consecrated ourselves to Jesus through Mary. U was almost twelve, and he read a story about St. Louis de Montfort and asked us to read it. AFter reading the book U wanted to consecrate himself and simultaneously,I was thinking of doing this devotion myself. I decided to do the consecration with U. Completing our 33 days of prayer and mediation was extremely difficult since Rose had a major surgery and was hospitalized for nine days. All we did, during that time was drive an hour to the hospital early in the morning, stay at the hospital with Rose and drive back another hour late at night. All with a nursing 4 month old in tow. With God's grace we did complete this devotion, and finished the final consecration at the the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, in Baltimore. We didn't' think we would make it to the Basilica on the 15 of August, since Rose had just come home from the hospital just a couple of days prior. She insisted we go and we did and it was a beautiful day, one of the mountain top moments.

Last year we were praying about buying our first house,we asked Our Lady for prayers. I promised her that if she would pray for us to find us a house before the Feast of the Assumption we would have a Mass offered at our house in her honor. Our Lady came through for us, we closed on the 10th ! We had the Mass at our home on August 15th, you can see the pictures from that day here.

Now a year later, we left U with on August 15th. He was suppose to fly out to the Minor Seminary on the 10th of August, but the Seminarians plans changed, and they were going camping on NY. So I asked if we can drive him up, and they were fine with that. They called us and asked if we wanted to join them on some pilgrimages and we did. We prayed with them, ate with them and just hung out. After the Mass of the Feast of the Assumption U and I reconsecrated our selves. I felt so much peace as we drove away, as if U is in the arms of Our Lady.
Lord help me remember the peace I felt as I miss my little boy.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sunday, August 15, 2010

A new Chapter

Well it has happened!
We just returned from dropping "U" off with the Minor Seminary that he will be living with for the next few years and, God Willing, eventually become a priest in their religious Order.

We drove up to the Catskill Mountains where the boys were staying at a retreat center. We were able to spend a full day visiting the National Shrine of North American Martyrs. We also visited the Nation Shrine of Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha.

The day was AMAZING the mountain view was beautiful, gorgeous weather and we attended mass at the shrine. It was the feast day of Maximilian Kolbe and the father said in his homily that we must all seek out ways to sacrifice, even in little things. it made me think back to what a friend of our said in her blog(I'm paraphrasing) "how can we say that we love God with all of our heart if we are not willing to give him everything, even our own children." When Mallu and I talked about "U" going I mentioned the quote to her and she simply said "he was always God's to begin with; our kids don't belong to us."

After the shrine visits we followed the boys back to their retreat center where we meet a whole bunch of men from the major seminary. Seeing and talking with these faith filled men helped ease the heartache because I knew that my son was in good hands! The afternoon was spent relaxing with both of our boys playing in the pool with the minor seminarians.

Before dinner we joined all of the seminarians, minor and major, for Adoration and Vespers. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life! I was able to be in a room full of people that were truly in love with Jesus.

During Adoration I prayed to Jesus asked him to watch over my son. I asked Our Lady to care for him.

After Adoration was dinner and some nice social time. Mallu and I really enjoyed talking to many of the seminarians, it was a great time.

By morning I really did not have any sadness or anxiousness. I truly feel this is where God wants "U" to be right now.